Mid Century Rosewood Dining Table

Mid Century Rosewood Dining Table


This is a beautiful Retro Rosewood dining table.

The legs are solid wood and have a lovely shape to them. The table top is Veneer which is traditional for tables made in this period.

Originally the table would have extending with a central section. It has been fixed so that it no longer extends as the central extra leaf is no longer with the table. The central join is very good and when the table is sitting in position you barely notice the central seam.


The table is in excellent condition, there are only a few small scratches to the top but really these are not very noticeable as they are not deep. There is one small section where the veneer has been damaged to the top as shown in photos.


All the legs and top are structurally sound with no loose joints.  There is some light fading to the top but this is not too severe.


Beautiful detailing to the edge of the table top.


The table seats up to 8 very comfortably.


Measuring 84cm wide x 167.5cm long x 72cm Height

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