French Oak Scullery Table Circa 1750

French Oak Scullery Table Circa 1750


A large Antique Dining table with beautiful patina and wear. 


I love the character of this table it shows so much history with old woodworm holes and beautifully worn edges.

( Please note the woodworm has been treated and is no longer active.)


The table is structurally sound the piece is really well built and has a great look to it. It has marks and scratches all over but with is evenly distressed and looks great.

Both the drawers run, one is missing its handle but you can still open it. We do not have the key for the drawer with the key hole but it is not locked so still opens and closes.

The very bottom section of all four legs is a later addition, this is quite common with pieces of this age due to years of getting wet when people would clean the floor. 


Measuring 75cm high x 151 cm long x 78cm deep


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