Enormous Elm Single Plank Textile Mill Table

Enormous Elm Single Plank Textile Mill Table


Antique Industrial Solid Elm and Cast Iron Trestle Table 

This one really is a whopper measuring in at 10' 7" (323cm) long however being on trestles it is also surprisingly practical and easy to manoeuvre. The top can pack flat and the trestles don't take up much space so would work excellently for a pop up or weddings/events etc. It is however absolutely stunning and sturdy enough to set up permanently somewhere. Wherever it does end up it will be the talk of the banquet.

Back when trees where huge this top was made from one plank! It originally came from a textile mill in Somerset where it's patina was built up. It is covered with beautiful imperfections which tell it's story. It was covered with antique iron staples over the years, these have painstakingly been removed and the top has been waxed showing the pitted, weathered surface in all it's glory.

The top is currently sitting on two very sturdy and decorative antique wrought iron trestles, their simple and elegant  form really compliments the plank top however it could be installed to fit somewhere else e.g. as a bar top. 

It's also worth checking out the underside for a smoother partly painted weathered wooden surface.

The plank top measures: 323cm long X 74cm wide X 4cm thick. On the trestles it stands at 78cm tall.

The worn and weathered condition of the top it part of the reason we bought this table, it has bowed slightly as can be seen from photographs but is structurally sound and very sturdy. The way the trestles are made with wide feet at the bottom also add to the structure. Depending on where you want the table it can take a few minutes to adjust the trestles to make it study but once you do it won't budge. We have quite an uneven floor but have managed to make it sturdy enough to climb all over it in order to reach up high (I wouldn't recommend this just trying too give you an idea). 


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