Butchers Block

Butchers Block


An original vintage butchers block that has had many years of use, giving the piece a lovely worn shape to both sides. 

This would make a great kitchen island as the shape of the worn tops is not too worn to stop you from being able to use it. 

As Butchers blocks would have been washed daily to keep them clean the wood  would be kept expanded. As this has not been used for years and has been dried out it has shrunk and cracked. Now the piece has been dried for years it could be tidied up by filing in the gaps and if re-fixing the edge panels down the sides to give a neat finish. There is one small section that has also come loose but we have the piece so it would need to be glued back in.

There are a couple of wood worm holes but this is dormant we have treated it ourselves to be certain.

Please note we are just selling the butchers block, we don't have a base for it, the grey boxes were used to photograph the piece only and are not included with the piece. It would look great simply sat on top of a counter or on top of an industrial steel base unit perhaps.

Measures 138cm long x 63cm wide x 16cm tall 

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