Antique French Brasserie Table

Antique French Brasserie Table


Absolutely Stunning Rustic French Dining Table


Beautiful rustic patina that has been built up over years of use.


Lovely simple shape consisting of three wide planks to form the top and very simple tapering legs.


The table seats 4-6 people comfortably.


This would grace any vintage, antique or eclectic interior, it would also look great in a commercial setting such as a bar or restaurant.


Measuring: 148cm long X 70cm deep X 75cm high.


The distance between the floor and the stretcher underneath the table top is 62cm. I am 6' and have just sat with a standard dining chair and my legs fit underneath.


As usual we buy items with bags of character, the table is sturdy and solid. There are lots of imperfections in the piece that we believe really add character and enhance the overall aesthetic. There are lots of dints scratches and marks that have built up from years of use. There is a large amount of woodworm that we have treated more than sufficiently just to make sure it is old and dead. We love the look of this but you could easily coat this with wax if so desired. All of this patina tells the story of it's life and that is why we bought it. Please see photographs.

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