19th Century French Worn Painted Wine Table

19th Century French Worn Painted Wine Table


Antique Rustic Circular Cafe Table


We have just got this stunner back from Provence in Southern France and it looks amazing in the shop.


Bought in Carpentras this table dates from the 19th century period and really is a stylish piece, it's burgundy paintwork is naturally worn down in the most beautiful way providing exquisite patina and has very unusual handmade form with it's tripod legs.


After I purchased it at the brocante in Carpentras I came back at the end of the day to collect it the vendor was tucking into a full blown late lunch on it with tablecloths and gallons of local rose, obviously I left them to it and collected the rest of my hoard, every time I kept coming back they had some other local delicacy out, this went on for a very long time. I don't think you get get anymore quintessentially french if you tried.


It really is a lovely table which is unique and would fit into any number of interior aesthetics whether a more traditional farmhouse style or more quirky eclectic and would make an excellent small kitchen table or look great in a living room as a side table.


Obviously being a rustic piece the measurements vary a tad but roughly it measures 67cm diameter and 72cm high.


The table is in good vintage condition. It is worn and rustic but then that is why we bought it, it is full of imperfections and the paint is won in a really beautiful way. There is a very small amount of woodworm on the feet and we have therefore treated the whole table. Please see photographs.

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