Beautiful Belgian Bench 

Beautiful Belgian Bench 


I love the way the layers of paint have gently worn to reveal all the different colours and tones beneath. This is all authentic paint, we have not sanded or painted it ourselves in any way.


The Bench is originally from Belgium and is a really eye catching piece with a pleasing squared form and turned back it is a striking design. 

I think it would look great in an entrance hallway or next to a kitchen table at home or in a bar or restaurant. 

Structurally it is sound the left hand legs have both warped slightly but it is not effecting the bench structurally in any way. Please look at the photos. We love the paint exactly as it is as we love it but we can apply a matt polyurethane varnish or furniture wax to protect it if you like please just ask. 

Measuring overall; 180 long x 89cm tall x 36cm deep

The seat itself measures; 180cm long x 48cm tall x 31cm deep


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