Antique Romanian Painted Pig Bench

Antique Romanian Painted Pig Bench


Rustic 19th Century Pig Bench with Original Blue Paint

This little bench is so very charming. The gnarled single wooden plank is full of beautiful imperfections and although wonky in construction is solid and this makes us love it even more. It has layers of slightly differing blue paint which is worn down naturally over time. The legs are all also wonky, gnarled and because of the top shoot off at different angles. Basically if you are looking for something with bags of character then look no further. A simple honest country made piece.

Condition wise as stated previously the construction is all solid and sturdy but the whole piece is full of imperfections which add to it’s charm and are integral to it’s appeal.

Measuring 97cm long X 38cm deep X 37cm high.

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