Victorian Decoupage Screen

Victorian Decoupage Screen

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Victorian Decoupage Screen in original untouched condition. The amount of work that has gone into creating this piece is immediately visible with all the images carefully cut out and pasted together to create this intriguing piece. some of the pictures appear to have been hand coloured also. 

I have tried to show the condition of the panels in the pictures but as you can see there is some age related damage.  Fortunately most of the damage is restricted to one panel on each side, so you can have it only partly folded out and show two panels and then you don't see the damaged panel as much and this can be done on either side or if your like me appreciate it in all its beauty and show all three of the panels on either side.

The frame is ebonised wood with gilt beaded detailing , this is slightly worn in some areas but in the most beautiful way and the whole piece is completely structurally sound and stands very well.

I love the amount of animals dotted around the piece and the contrast in characters that are hidden around it I cant really decide on a favourite side because of it.

I have sold screens to clients in the past who have separated the screen and mounted each panel on the wall as a piece of art in its own right.  You would then in effect have 6 panels to use

Measuring when extended 173cm tall x 252cm wide

Each panel measures 173cm tall x 84cm wide including the frame.



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