Copy of Indian Inlaid Silver Zodiac Dish

Copy of Indian Inlaid Silver Zodiac Dish

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A stunning Indian dish.


Bidri ware metalwork of inlaid silver on an alloy of zinc and copper has been produced in Bidar, Karnataka since it was developed in the 14th century for the Bahamani sultans and is prized as a symbol of wealth.

This example probably dates from the 20th century and is inlaid with the zodiac symbols surrounding a central star.

It is a charming piece of interior design, would grace any aesthetic and would make an excellent gift.

Measuring: 16cm diameter and stands 2cm tall.

The dish is in great vintage condition, there is no real damage to report, there are some marks etc consistent with age that i'm sure could be cleaned up if desired but we like it as it is. Please see photographs.

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