1960's Fete Table *2 of 2

1960's Fete Table *2 of 2

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A charming pair of 1960's Fete Tables. We love that they still have all the original paint decoration of foot prints on the top.

We have two of these tables for sale but have listed them separately so you can see the difference between the two tops and decide which you would prefer.  They are both exactly the same size. We can combine postage if you did want to buy them both so there would be no additional charge.


We think they would look great turned into tables or used on the wall for decoration. As they are constructed with planks of wood it would be very easy to cut them down to smaller tables even so you could kit out a whole restaurant. 

Please note that the fold out legs are not structurally sound as they are. They would need to have braces fixed to them in order to stabilise them for use or you could replace them with nice Metal hair pin legs for a contrast for instance.  

We have left the tables completely as they are as we love the way they look. You could easily wax them or varnish them to enrich the wood and protect them depending on what you wanted to use them for . Please get in touch if you wanted us to do this for you.

This table has a small bit of damage to one of the panels, this is where the leg has pressed into it from the underside- as you can see in the photos. Once the legs have been braced to stop this happening or replace the legs it will stop putting pressure on the table from the underside and prevent this from happening. There are paint marks and dints and scratches all over the tables which is the whole charm of them.

Each Tables Measure ;

89cm tall x 244cm long x 61cm deep.

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