Vintage Wooden Letterpress Type Tray

Vintage Wooden Letterpress Type Tray


Vintage Wooden Letterpress Type Tray.

Sold individually but we can combine postage if you are buying more than one.

We bought a collection of 10 of these trays; they are all exactly the same in terms of their overall size, handles and the size of the divided sections but they do vary slightly in terms of their little pencil marks and wear etc.

These have built up a lovely amount of wear and patination from their years of use which we love. Some have writing  on them showing which letters would be stored in which compartment - you could easily remove this with a light sand if you wanted to but I rather like it so have left them as they are.

They are well made and structurally absolutely sound, they each of two brass handles which have a lovely patina to them and again are very secure so you could hang the trays to the wall using the handles if you likes.

Print trays are great for displaying collections of all sorts from fossils to lego and lots of our customers buy them to display their jewellery. 


Each tray measures excluding handles ;

85cm x 55.5cm x 3.5cm deep


Most of the smaller sections measure 4cm x5cm.
The smallest compartments on the tray measure 4cm x 4cm.
The largest compartment measures 13cm x 10 cm. 
The depth of each compartment is 2cm but where there are two thicker panels of wood running through the trays for stability they are a bit deeper measuring 3cm deep.

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