Wimbledon Track signs

Wimbledon Track signs


I love the colours and graphics of these two signs. They originally came from the world famous Wimbledon dog tracks that closed last year.

They make such impact and are great decorative pieces simply leaning against a wall or you could easily fix them to the wall using the original fixing holes.

We are selling the signs separately, but will happily combine the postage if you buy them both.

They are in good condition, the ‘123’ sign has a bit of foam sticky tape remnants on the ‘2’ section but this could be removed if you wanted. There are also tiny flecks of paint that have dotted them in a few places. I personally always like these little layers of wear and use left but can easily clean them up no problem , i’m happy to do it for you please just ask.

They each measure individually 80cm x 210cm x 1cm

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