Vintage Leather sofa

Vintage Leather sofa


This Leather sofa feels a bit naked without its cushions.


We are looking to get two large base cushions and covers made up for it, I was thinking in a tropical green fabric. We thought we wold hold off and see if anyone would prefer to buy it as it is before we start fabric shopping.


The photographs will give a good indication of its condition, as you can see the arms are worn and one has names scratched into the finish. We have not touched this but you could sand it back and re-stain it so that you would bring it back to its former days. 

The carving on the frame is quite attractive and contrasts nicely with the very simple shape of the sofa.

The Leather is beautifully soft, there is some wear to the bottom left corner but this would not be noticeable once it is re-united with cushions! The front left leg is also slightly damaged although this is solely cosmetic and is not effecting it structurally.  It has two castor wheels for the back legs. 

There are  a couple of small areas where the leather has worn a  bit but no holes just where its been rubbed along the back and top a bit. 

Absolutely structurally sound all the springs are good too this sofa just needs its cushions then its good to go.

Measures 140cm long x 80cm deep x 76cm tall

Seat Height 25cm tall 



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