Vintage kitchen enamel topped larder cabinet

Vintage kitchen enamel topped larder cabinet


I love how rustic this cabinet has become with its beautiful worn paint. It would originally have been a kitchen larder cabinet but I think it would work just as well in a bathroom or bedroom .

Made by Hygena, a company based in Liverpool that produced them during the 20's and 30's. It has a pull out porcelain enamel countertop, zinc drawers and egg rack and towel rail. Originally it would have had four cupboard doors to the top section but I rather like that it is open now so you can keep your items out on display. It has had woodworm which I have now treated to make sure its all long gone. The paint is worn and the handles are a bit rusty but I love how charming this piece is.

You can easily split the item into two separate items of furniture you simply unbolt the metal brackets that bolts them both together.

Measures 60cm deep x 82cm wide or 88cm wide including towel rail. 82cm tall to enamel table and 196cm tall overall

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