Vintage Chinese Wedding Basket

Vintage Chinese Wedding Basket


Oriental Wicker Storage Container

Chinese wedding baskets are used traditionally to give to Brides on their wedding days. Some are filled with money and gifts and others with momentos to remind them of home.

If you don’t fancy gifting it to a bride this would make a lovely little storage container for sewing bits or anything else that you need at hand but want to tidy away. You could even have in next to a chair to put a mug of tea on.

This 3 tier example is highly decorative with beautiful carved bamboo details and metal handles and has a lovely rich reddy chestnut colour.

It is in great vintage condition and although has some minor wear there is no real damage as such. I would say the tiers a a little loose so if you were planning to carry it around and swing it about you may want to add something too keep the layers tight fitting.

Measuring: 58cm high X 42cm wide X 40cm deep.

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