Set of rustic hand painted hooks

Set of rustic hand painted hooks


This set of Antique beautifully Hand painted hooks are from Transylvania in Romania and have such a stunning folky rustic feel to them.

I really wish we had more space in the shop to be able to actually hang these up and see them in all their glory but alas we don’t. The worn colours of the paint against that hand-carved pattern and the hand forged elegant little hooks are just perfect in my eyes.

As you can tell I have absolutely fallen for this set of hooks, we have another large set as shown in the last picture, they are not matching the patterns are different so we are selling them separately.

As you can see one of the hooks is missing at some point and has been replaced by a nail but its an old mending job so Ive forgiven it and left it well alone.

I have treated them for woodworm to protect them but other than that they are original all the paint and wear is authentic.

i would probably not recommend hanging all your coats and rucksacks off these as they are probably not cut out for that on the hooks but they will happily take lighter items, dresses etc, jewellery light bags, scarves, hats, you get the jist.

Measuring 197cm long x 13cm tall x 5cm deep

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