Pair of Decorative Leather and Gilt Brass Face Screens

Pair of Decorative Leather and Gilt Brass Face Screens


Antique Victorian Fire Screens

Originally for keeping a barrier between your face and the fire. Now hugely decorative items for a mantlepiece or shelf.

Chocolate leather with gold thread embroidery, silk ropes and tassels sit on gilt brass frames.

The bases have wonderful cast heads of kings complete with crowns and flowing hair and beards. They are stamped on the underside ‘W. Tonks & Sons.’ with Victorian registration lozenges for March 1868 and these examples are dated 1889.

Condition wise the screens themselves have some wear and tear from use as you would expect. They are faded and have small amounts of damage which add to their overall charm. The Brass constituents are in good order the only thing I would say is that the bases are possibly not original to the top sections as the thread is different so the poles just slot in but don’t screw in. If so they are a good match.

Each one measures: 49cm high X 23cm wide X 9cm deep.

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