Massive Mask from East Timor

Massive Mask from East Timor


Large Hand Carved Tribal Mask

Apparently this guy would have originally been carved to ward off evil spirits. I am not sure about that but he does have a wonderfully friendly, slightly gormless look about him with some kind of headdress that slightly resembles a helmet. Towards the base there is also a naively carved lizard!

It has been carved from one piece of wood, I am not sure what type but it has a wonderful texture to it. Maybe it would have been a root or some kind of weird and wonderful tropical tree trunk.

I am not sure about it’s precise date but there is definitely some age to it and is therefore worn in places. This adds to the overall charm of the piece and there is nothing too serious.

Measuring : 98cm high X 47cm wide X 20cm deep.

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