Large Green Industrial lights

Large Green Industrial lights


We have 36 of these original Industrial lights available. They would look great in a variety of settings from Industrial lofts to country kitchens

They are all fully PAT tested by our electrician. 3 of the lights are on a shorter metal rod measuring 80cm tall instead of 143cm but all the others are long, you can cut them down to suit your space.

They all have some knocks and small dints here and there and marks but some of these could be cleaned up more if you wanted a cleaner brighter finish just let us know and we will clean them up even more for you.

The light shade itself is made of sprayed aluminium so is not as heavy as some of the enamel lights we sell so it would be well suited if you are concerned about having heavy lights.

Each light shade itself measures about 50cm tall x 42cm diameter

The 33 large lights are 143cm tall the smaller 3 lights are 80cm tall overall including shade.

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