Large 19th Century Pink Ceramic Apothecary Jars

Large 19th Century Pink Ceramic Apothecary Jars


Antique Victorian Chemist’s Containers with Lids

A rare set of three porcelain canisters with dome topped lids. Proper antiques in a fashionably millennial pink colourway. These really are stunners and I can’t stop looking at them in the shop. In fact they seem to feature in anything I am photographing at the moment (sorry not sorry).

I have attempted to decipher their gilt glass labels so think they originally contained things like wax based ointments and laxatives. Wouldn’t they now make the most beautifully extravagant, tea, coffee and sugar jars? (after a good soapy wash of course) . They would also suit a collector of such items and look amazing in a cabinet or on a shelf.

Condition wise i would say these are probably the best I have seen. So often I find these sorts of jars with missing or cracked and chipped lids and rims etc. There is obviously some wear and tear with some crazing and discolouration which can be seen from the photos but nothing too serious.

They roughly measure 30cm tall X 15cm diameter.

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