Early 20th Century Life Sized Father Christmas

Early 20th Century Life Sized Father Christmas


Antique Cut Out Christmas Decoration

Father Christmas, Santa, St. Nick. Kris Kringle or whatever you want to call him this depiction definitely has bags of character and seems to be quite a rare piece. I would say he dates from the 1900-1930s period.

Great for a shop window display or possibly the best vintage Christmas decoration your home could hope for.

But for the time being it seems like a perfectly apt temporary home for him here looking out of our window onto St. Nicks. Market!

Hunched over with a sack-o-toys he stands in at roughly 5 foot tall. More specifically he is 151cm high X 100cm wide X 0.5cm deep.

He is made from a paper print which has been applied to board and over painted. In typical Rag & bone fashion he is worn which we believe adds to his charm but it is delicate so wouldn’t be suitable for outside and would be probably better placed somewhere where it won’t be handled too much.

HO HO HO!!!!!

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