Antique Cased Taxidermy Bird Diorama

Antique Cased Taxidermy Bird Diorama


An unusual mix of birds from around the world, some exotic some native to Britain. 

There are 7 birds in total, I am by no means an expert but have identified 3 of them. The most obvious is the Budgie from Australia. We also have a Red Crested Cardinal from South America and a Bullfinch from Europe. I think the guy in the middle at the front is some kind of wren and there are a couple I am not sure of. 

They are set up in a naturalistic setting with grasses and moss etc on the base and would definitely be a colourful addition to any interior. 

They are not missing any character, condition wise I would say they look like they have had a heavy night out! They are missing a few feathers here and there but are largely present and the colours are still largely vibrant. The glass on the case is free from damage. The case itself has some wear and tear. Please see photos. 

Measuring: 35cm X 29cm X 15cm. 

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