Vibrant Yellow Kitchen Dresser

Vibrant Yellow Kitchen Dresser


Kitchen Display cabinet in beautifully worn yellow paint.

As shown in the photos there is paint loss in places, wonderful textured, patinated surface.

The cabinet no longer has its glazing to the doors, though this could easily be replaced if desired. The catches to both the top doors and the bottom cupboard doors are all in good working order. The back rear legs have been added at some point in its history, though this is really barely noticeable. There is a hole in each side of the lower cupboard section, perhaps added to allow ventilation, though very naively done. We have treated the piece for woodworm. The piece is structurally good with good running drawers and the doors all in good order with original handles.

The cabinet top can be lifted off to allow easy transportation.

Measuring 106cm wide x 46cm deep x 199cm height. The height of the bottom unit is 93cm.

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