1950s Belgian Still Life - Slightly Gruesome Kitchen Table

1950s Belgian Still Life - Slightly Gruesome Kitchen Table


Original Vintage Oil on Canvas Painting

I wouldn’t imagine this would be everyone’s cup of tea (vegetarians look away now) but others may find this as cool as us. A typical 1950s Belgian kitchen scene. You can’t really miss the freshly shot rabbit bleeding on top of a copy of ‘Le Soir’ newspaper. If you look close enough, cleverly the artist has replicated the scene on the front cover of ‘Paris Match’ magazine. I also love the contrast between the tazza of fruit (cantaloupe oranges and bananas) and the death before it it. For added effect there is a kitchen knife sitting on top of a Le Creuset casserole pot waiting expectantly in the background and a blue and white porcelain bowl that I can only imagine is destined to be filled with blood.

I believe it is signed ‘C. Brems’ and dated 1958.

It is in good vintage condition there is some wear and tear and a small hole as can be seen from the photos but these are forgiven when looking at the piece as a whole.

It measures: 60cm X 50cm X 2cm.

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