Beautiful Large Antique Mirror

Beautiful Large Antique Mirror

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Beautiful Mirror in Panelled surround


A beautiful piece, with stunning carved detailing. It has a keyhole and would have formed part of a large item of furniture but it stands very well alone. We do not have the key but the door does open. You could perhaps put shelves behind it for storage.


We have it simply standing on the floor leaning against the wall but if you wanted to have it hung on the wall I would  recommend turning it the other way up as this is how it was designed to be.


It is made of solid wood , I believe it is Mahogany.

It is in good condition, there are two holes on each side of the piece where it would have been attached to a cabinet or wardrobe perhaps. The top right corner has been repaired in the past but this is an old repair and has been done very well ( please see photos)


Overall Measurements 156cm tall x 109cm wide x 11cm deep

Mirror itself measures 105cm tall x 59cm wide


The piece is really well built and has a great look to it.  There are some marks and wear to it which is in line with its age and use.


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