Brass table lamp with Lions and ram heads

Brass table lamp with Lions and ram heads


This antique brass table lamp is beautifully detailed with lions, leaves and rams heads.

The base support is made of three lions with their tales entwined around the lamp which I think is my favourite part of the light. The lamp column itself is covered in intricate leaf pattern and towards the top there are more leaves and three Ram heads. It would almost be a shame to put a lampshade on that would hide any of the work.

The lamp has been fully rewired and PAT tested by our electrician with 2 metres of black fabric covered flex cable.

This would once have been a candleholder no doubt but has been carefully adapted into a table lamp at some point in its history which we have updated.

The condition is very good we have not polished it as I like it when brass dulls but of course you could polish it up to your desire,  as mentioned all the electrical components are new.

It measures 38cm tall x 15cm diameter at the base 

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