Vintage Industrial Bulkhead Glass and Bakelite Light

Vintage Industrial Bulkhead Glass and Bakelite Light


Industrial/Utility Bulkhead And Bakelite Outdoor/Indoor Lights

There are 7 lights available to buy, these are sold individually however if you want to buy more than one, we can give a discount on postage. 

6 of the lights are identical with clear textured glass and one light has a frosted glass casing, however all 7 lights are identical in size and shape.


PLEASE NOTE; we now only have one light left available the slightly frosted light.

Measuring 13 cm H x 23 W 

We have not had the lights PAT tested, as they would need to be fitted by a qualified technician. However, the lights have recently come out of a working environment. 

The lights are in good condition, no chips or cracks in the glass. Each light has four screws and bolts, that can easily be removed to let you change the light bulb. The lights have two fixings on either side and can be easily applied to the wall. These will take a standard light bulb. 

Please consult a qualified electrician for installation.

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