19th Century Bulbous French Jewellery Casket

19th Century Bulbous French Jewellery Casket


Antique Gilt Brass Souvenir from Boulogne-sur-Mer

This is a charmingly detailed jewellery casket. The top depicts a coastal scene at Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northern France. We have had quite a lot of these little jewellery caskets over the years but this is a really unusual shape. It is circular with six bulbous convex pieces of glass each with a central cut glass circle. The gilt metal frame is ornate and sits on 3 little feet. It really is quite beautiful to behold. Inside there is a pronounced cushion for displaying jewellery.

It is from the late 19th century and would have been sold as a French souvenir. It could be used to contain jewellery or it stands beautifully in its own right.   

Measuring: 8cm diameter X 6.5cm high.

Overall the casket is in good vintage condition, the inside and the gilding is bright and there doesn’t seem to be any real damage . The top has faded somewhat and the interior is slightly won but these are forgiven when looking at the piece as a whole. Please see photos.

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