Vintage Industrial Pigeon Hole Unit

Vintage Industrial Pigeon Hole Unit

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Vintage Industrial Pigeon Hole Unit.


Dating from the 1930s-1960s period it is made from solid wood (believed pine) with original dark red paintwork and blue notation.

A very cool looking, true industrial piece which is an extremely usable storage solution in any residential or commercial space. It would add to any industrial/eclectic interior aesthetic.


Currently configured as cube style pigeon holes at the top and shelving underneath. The uprights slot out easily and the shelves could be unscrewed and moved up or down if so desired, so is adaptable.


The unit is built well and therefore still very solid and sturdy. There is cosmetic wear that can be seen from the photographs, this really adds to the aesthetic charm of the piece.


Measures: 183cm H x 119cm W x 34cm D.

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