Industrial Green Metal storage racks

Industrial Green Metal storage racks


A great set of Industrial Green Metal storage racks.

The unit is made up of four separate storage racks that all stack on top of one and other. They can be bolted together down the sides as one slots over the other and there are holes to put bolts through. - please note we don't have the bolts as it has stood perfectly well without them up agains the wall so have had no need to buy them, but these would be very cheap to buy if you did want to and I could source some for you if you wanted me too so please ask.

As you can see form the photos the unit is worn to the original green paintwork and does have rust patches but we love how weathered it is.

This would have come out of a factory or garage of some sort. Obviously could still be used for it's original purpose or a really practical storage solution in a domestic or commercial setting.


It has the slots running along the top of each section which is were you can have cards displaying what its contents are.

Would grace any vintage/industrial/eclectic interior.


Measuring overall;  91cm long x 31cm deep x 95cm high 



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