Late 18th Century Ebonised corner unit

Late 18th Century Ebonised corner unit

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Antique ebonised corner cabinet.

The corner unit has a wonderful shaped pediment above the cupboard.  I love the floriate carvings on this cabinet they work really well against the dark ebonised wood, it also has the two original bevelled mirrors which are beautifully foxed. The brass key Escutcheon and door hinges are beautifully ornate.


As you can see from the photographs the cabinet does have some wear to it in some areas and it is also missing one section of carved wood from the upper right. This is not effecting it structurally and is actually not as noticeable as you may think.

It has a couple of wood worm holes but we have fully treated the unit to ensure this is fully dormant.  The two doors do not have their original key unfortunatly but we have replaced them with an antique key although it does not lock the unit it allows you to easily open the doors as they don't have handles you use the key to act as a handle.  


Measuring: 152cm tall x 61cm wide at the front diagonal edge with the cupboard doors x 48cm both back panel width. 


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