Marble Topped Wooden Painted Cabinet

Marble Topped Wooden Painted Cabinet


This charming petite cabinet/bedside table with marble detailing and splashes of green is the perfect item to add a bit of colour to your home.

The marble top adds an element of practicality, while the green and peach worn paint makes this classic wooden cabinet something much more exciting. 

The cabinet is in a lovely rustic condition with rubbed back paint and worn wood. The drawer and cupboard door work well with a catch to ensure the door stays shut.

As can be seen in the images, there are lots of woodworm holes over the piece but this has been treated to ensure it is definitely dead.

It appears to have a small edge strip missing to the front edge of the bottom shelf but this is only noticeable under close scrutiny.

Measuring 70cm tall x 40cm wide x 36cm deep

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