19th Century French Painted Trunk

19th Century French Painted Trunk


Antique Wooden Box

Bought in a brocante in Capentras in Provence this French trunk is absolutely stunning and completely unique. The colours of the naturally worn paint are lovely, deep greeny blue wears away into a brighter almost turquoise. 

The word 'Roure' is painted above the front latch in faded white paint. Roure is a mediaeval village in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in France so I am guessing it originated from there. It is also Catalan for 'oak' so that is the other possibility although the box is most definitely made from a soft wood. 

I love the handmade wrought iron hardware including the latch and key plate, the two swing handles and the two hinges on the inside. They have a real rustic charm to them.

The box works well as a useful storage solution whilst also being a striking interior design piece. It would also work well as a small coffee table.

It is in great vintage condition, it obviously has wear and tear from age which we love but this is superficial and is very sturdy and solid. It has been completely treated for woodworm. Please see photographs.

Measuring: 84cm wide X 32cm deep X 42cm high.



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