19th Century Silver Plated Ice Bucket

19th Century Silver Plated Ice Bucket


19th century beautifully tarnished silver-plated punch bowl/ice bucket/fruit bowl.

Wonderfully tarnished ice bucket, with simple handles on each side. The bowl has worn over time to create some of the most beautiful colours, with hues of blue and red.

The bowl could be used in a multitude of ways, from a punch bowl to a fruit bowl to perhaps an ice bucket. It could of course just be used for decorative purposes, as it is ever so lovely standing on it’s own.  

Measuring 18.5 cm high x 30 cm diameter (40 cm inc. handles) 16.5 cm base width.

The bowl is scratched in places and tarnished as can be seen in photographs, but there's no doubting that this gives the bowl a unfathomable amount of charm!

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