Vintage Pastille Chairs by Eero Aarnio

Vintage Pastille Chairs by Eero Aarnio


Original Mid Century Pastille Chairs 

We have two of these beauties available priced at £400 each.

Designed in 1968 by renowned Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, famous for such items that adorned the science fiction sets of the 1960s and considered a very important contributor to the popular culture of the era.

After finding many copies of this chair being offered online as originals we have consulted a couple of experts to see what they thought about these examples. The consensus is that these are right. The shape is right, the seam around the middle and the blow hole used in manufacture is present and in the right place. The colours are right as well as the fact that there is the wear and fading consistent with age. 

These design icons really are of their time they are so fun to sit in, you can rock around the room with a gin and tonic in hand, gently rock to you favourite tune or simply sit and relax. 

They are somewhat faded and worn as mentioned previously. They have become almost pastel pastille chairs which personally I love and are priced a lot lower than mint examples which regularly sell at around £1500-£2000 per chair. Other than the surface wear and tear they are in good condition with no cracks or damage and are still very sturdy.

Each one measures about 95cm wide X 92cm deep X 55cm high.

Please state which colour you would like if buying one. 

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