Retro 1970s Double Sided Dodgem Sign

Retro 1970s Double Sided Dodgem Sign

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Vintage Fairground Sign

How groovy are these signs. I love the 1970s typeface used and the general good times the woman in the dodgem is having. Made from layers of perspex/acrylic type material the backing colour is sooooooo 1970s. It is double sided and has a a metal frame and hanging chain. On one side there is a later addition (removable) which states ‘ALL CHILDREN MUST WEAR SAFETY BELTS’, I wonder what happened to make them add that??!!!!

This piece could really make a room whether in a funky home, at a restaurant/bar or even in an outside space.

It is in great vintage condition with only minor damage hear and there as you would expect from such an item, certainly nothing that detracts from it’s overall aesthetic. I also have another matching sign with a bit more damage, please get in touch if you would be interested in this.

Measuring: 93cm wide X 91cm high X 2cm deep.

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