Large Antique hand painted shop sign

Large Antique hand painted shop sign

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This shop front sign is huge at over 6 metres long and its made of a single plank of wood. The hand painted lettering is all original I just love the colours they have used. Its in its original untouched condition.

I believe its pitch pine and is incredible as its one single length of wood . You would struggle to even get a piece of wood that width nowadays.

I think this would look amazing on the wall of an industrial styled home if you have a wall big enough that is.

Small amount of worm and rot to the back right corner of the sign and slight split on the wood but this has been glued and screwed from behind to ensure it wont get any worse and has not really effected it structurally at all. We have treated it for wood worm and rot to make sure it will survive another 100 years !

Measuring 606cm long x 41cm tall x 2cm thick

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