Huge Doulton Stoneware Sink

Huge Doulton Stoneware Sink


Antique Industrial Doulton & Co. Ltd. Salt Glazed Basin/Planter

Quite a rare thing to find I fell in love with this old sink as soon as I saw it. Originally it would have been used in an industrial setting, I absolutely love the worn salt glazed finish.

At first I thought it would make a great planter, either outside or indoor full of cacti. Since spending a bit of time with the old fella I thought how amazing it would be to plumb it in somewhere, either as a communal toilets in a commercial setting or in place of a his/hers sink in a large ensuite with a couple of smart taps above. It would also work well in a plant room/florist or indeed a boot room in a country cottage. The possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure wherever it ends up it will undoubtedly look top notch. 

It is in good vintage condition. As I mentioned previously the glaze has worn down over years of use that we love. There are also a few small chips to the rim but they don't detract from the overall look. please see photos.

Measuring 108cm long X 63cm wide X 16cm deep. Internally it measures 97cm long X 50cm wide X 12cm deep. The diameter of the plug ranges between 7.5cm - 9cm.


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