Heavy Industrial Painted Steel Console Table

Heavy Industrial Painted Steel Console Table


Small Vintage Metal Factory Table

This table is so unusual and in it’s own way so beautiful. It is so solid and heavy due to it being weighted. The multicolour worn paintwork is as divine as it comes with white red black and green which has been naturally worn down over time from use and is not really flaky.

Really and truly as it is it should be leant with one edge of the top against a wall to ensure it’s stability. Because of this I thought it would make an excellent console table in a hallway or next to an exit with a mirror above and telephone/post on top. If you wish to place it in the middle of a room/next to a sofa I would suggest that a wide base would need to be added or it should be secured to the floor otherwise it might topple over.

What I can tell you is wherever you decide to put it it will look amazing and you definitely won’t find another the same!

Measuring: 73cm tall X 61cm wide X 46cm deep.

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