1940s Dodgem Balustrades

1940s Dodgem Balustrades


Vintage Fairground Panels

We have a quantity of these panels for sale. They have come direct to us from the carnival family that used to operate them as as a ride and date from 1947.

They really are quite charming and we love the colourful marbled effect hand painted on to the metal. They look fantastic as decorative objects either mounted or leant up against the wall. We have already sold a few to bars/restaurants as well as private buyers for their homes. They would even work really well in a garden or for an event/festival.

Roughly measuring 240cm X 80cm X 7cm.

They all vary a little condition wise but all have worn paint as can be seen in photographs, all we have done is rubbed them back a little to remove the excess flaky paint but still have some in the condition they came to us in if that would suit you more.

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