Antique Mounted Taxidermy 'Chamois'

Antique Mounted Taxidermy 'Chamois'


Antique Taxidermy 'Chamois', a member of a genus of animals known as 'goat-antelopes'. Like true antelopes they have hollow horns, unlike deer, which have solid, pronged antlers. They are mountain animals from central and southern Europe. 

Charming face with fawn's horns.  


A good quality taxidermy mounted on a mahogany shield.


I would date this piece to the edwardian period.



Roughly measuring: 50cm tall X 30cm wide X 40cm deep.



In great vintage order, for it's age it survives well, there are obviously some signs of age/wear as you would expect but they don't detract from it's aesthetic value. Please see photos.


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