Large 1970s Ceramic Sculpture of a Cat's Head

Large 1970s Ceramic Sculpture of a Cat's Head


Vintage Cat Figure

Part Sphinx, part panther, part science fiction. What an unusual and beautiful piece! I would love to find out more info about it’s origins. All I know is that it was originally purchased in Chelsea in the 1970s and is signed on the reverse ‘Luke’ or possibly ‘Lukey’.

The artist has really captured the muscular structure well, there is a texture to the skin, pronounced blue veins on nose and of course the haunting white eyes. I would love to know what all this symbolised to the artist but what I’m getting is a noble beast that you wouldn’t want to mess with but would be on your side if you needed them, a steadfast ally if you will.

A hugely decorative, large one off piece that could really make an interior space.

It is in excellent vintage condition with no real damage to speak of, no chips or cracks and only minor wear as you would expect. please see photos.

Measuring: 45cm high X 36cm wide X 43cm deep.

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