Huge shop letters 'L' and 'T'

Huge shop letters 'L' and 'T'

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Huge  Vintage Stainless steel shop Letters 'L' and Letter 'T' . They are such great Decorative pieces for the home or in a commercial space, I love them simply leaning against the wall stood on the floor but you could fix it to the wall if you wanted. 

Our shop is based in Bristol and if you know the city at all these letters came from the Colston Tower Building . They are absolutely huge and would have lit up from behind.

We have the letters 'L' ,  'O' and 'T' still available but have sold the rest. We can combine postage if you want to buy more than one letter please just ask, the letter 'T' lights up but the other letters don't, but you could get them to light up with an LED kit for about £30.  


They are in really good condition, they have some lights scuffs and minor dints here and there and some tiny specks of white paint that could come off if you wanted. 

The 'L' measures 86cm tall x 9cm deep x44cm wide

The 'T' measures 86cm tall x 9cm deep x 52cm wide

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