Early 20th Century French Papier Mache Horse

Early 20th Century French Papier Mache Horse


Antique Pull Along Horse Toy

Let me introduce you to Horatio, he certainly aint short of character. A good, honest reliable steed (most of the time), however after a few glasses of beaujolais this all goes out the window…

Dating from the early part of the 20th century he is made out of papier mache and wood he has then been painted in wood in a dapple grey with a bright yellow seat.

So fun and so decorative he looks good anywhere.

Looking at other similar examples I would say he is in great condition given his age and use. Unusually he still has his original leather ears and his tail is present but like so many of these the mane isn’t. There is also a dent on his hind quarters but I think I can forgive him for this.

He measures 78cm long X 64cm tall X 23cm wide.

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