Antique Tanzanian Brass Bowl

Antique Tanzanian Brass Bowl


Antique African Metalwork Bowl 

This bowl was purchased by the grandparents of the woman that we bought it from in the 1920s in Dar Es Salaam. It is at least that old but could quite easily be 19th century I would say. 

It has a really charming, handmade quality to it and is covered with symbols including stars, faces animals and other more abstract decoration. I am guessing it would have been for some kind of ritual/religious use rather than for use as an everyday bowl.

If anyone has any more info we would love to know as I can't seem to find another one like it.

It is in good condition for age, there are a couple of splits along the seem as can be seen in photos but this doesn't detract from it's overall aesthetic. Please see photos.

Measuring: 32cm diameter and 7cm high.

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