Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

Ancient Egyptian Ushabti


Antique Funerary Figure

Probably the oldest piece we have had in the shop, dating from c.600 BC this ancient Egyptian ushabti would have been placed in a tomb amongst other grave items to act as a servant or minion to the deceased in the afterlife. Because they were produced in such high numbers (some tomb's floors were littered with them) they are a way of owning something really cool, interesting and beautiful from such an early age without breaking the bank. The turquoise glaze along with the 2400 year old wear makes handling this little beauty truly magical.

It is mounted on an ebony plinth base, which really suits the piece with a couple of different retail labels on the underside.

Overall measurements: 8cm tall X 3cm X 3cm.

It is in great condition, obviously being the age it has there is wear little areas of damage that add to it’s overall charm. Please see photographs.

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