Dulcitone Travelling Piano

Dulcitone Travelling Piano


Rare Late 19th Century Early 20th Century Dulcitone Oak Travelling Piano made by Thomas Machell & Sons of Glasgow. 

The instrument is a wooden box with tuning forks and keyboard in it that has been adapted from a grand piano which strikes the keys from above the strings rather than from below. It has foldable legs and a damper pedal.

Sound wise it is possibly between a glockenspiel and a piano. If you would like to hear what this piano sounds like, there are many videos of people playing it on Youtube. 

The dulcitone piano was used by many travelling bands, as well as preachers and is still used today by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. 

All notes play, however there are a couple of notes that stick slightly when played. The piano may also need tuning. 

When standing - Height is 84cm with piano top closed, 104 cm when open X 99 cm L X 39 cm W

When folded - 35 cm H X 99 cm L X 39 cm W

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