WWI Souvenir of Visit of the British Tank

WWI Souvenir of Visit of the British Tank


A real piece of history here and due to it's fragile composition not many would have survived so also quite rare. The British Tanks were a contributing factor in ending the gruelling stalemate of trench warfare during WWI. In trying to gather together much needed funds the government send this 'Mk. IV Male' tank on tour to sell War Bonds and War Saving Certificates. They must have been a real sight to behold. After this they were then sent to the front. These paper napkins were a souvenir of this tour including portraits of King George V and Queen Mary and a photograph of the tank itself.


The text reads as follows...


'God save the King.'


'Photo and Souvenir of Visit of the British Tank.'  


'The Message of the Tank - Buy National War Bonds or War Saving Certificates.'


'THE TANKS are our "Land Dreadnoughts." There are two kinds of these caterpillars of the battlefield-the male and female. The male tank carries two of the heaviest guns in addition to the smaller quick-firing guns. The female tank is of lighter armour and bristles with small guns only. After it's duty of distributing War Bonds is finished, the Tank will be sent to the Front to send a different kind of message to the enemy.'





Overall frame measures 30.5cm X 39cm.



Considering it's age and the fact it's printed on crepe paper it survives remarkably well. The printed text, portraits ad photo are clear. The painted flowers around the edge are somewhat faded and there are some little holes around the edge of the paper. Being framed it is now protected from any further damage. Please see photos.


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