Weird Antique French Portrait

Weird Antique French Portrait


Original 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting


We have just got this stunner back from Provence in Southern France and it looks amazing in the shop.


Bought in a brocante in Carpentras this would have been quite a standard portrait of a French woman but in this case it has been restored in quite a bad way to make it into a bit of a freaky weird painting, not too much, but more subtly, if you take a look mainly around the right eye it gives the woman an almost bionic characteristic. I love paintings like this!


All of this weirdness complimented by the dark colour palette and victorian dress and hair do really make this a cool looking object for you wall.


Dating from 1889 it is signed I thhink 'H. Melix Lefevre 1889'.


This would look great as a part of a gallery wall but also stands up for itself to be displayed on it's own more traditionally and would grace any interesting interior.



Measuring: 54cm wide X 65cm high.


The painting has damage and restoration which is why I bought it. I love the worn weirdness of it, if you are looking for a pristine portrait it probably isn't for you but if you are interested in unusual objects the it just might suit you. Please see photos.

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